What is Fibregenix?

Not a hard feed but equally not just a vitamin & mineral supplement.

Fibregenix balancer supplements are a tailored range of all-in-one feed additive products – the ultimate equine multi-supplement. Designed to promote digestive health and balance and provide a boost of nutrients to any feed regime.

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How your Horse Benefits
  • Simplifies your horse’s feed regime by keeping it natural, so your horse can stay fitter, healthier and have a longer & more productive life.
  • Low feeding rate (100g per 100kg of bodyweight)
  • No whole cereals, no molasses so Low starch/sugar (all below 12%)
  • Promotes digestive health like no other to avoid issues such as ulcers, colics, compromised immune system and metabolic problems
  • Helps improve general health, hooves, coat and skin, respiratory, stamina, recovery, condition and topline, temperament.
  • Your horse – but better in every way….

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How You Benefit
  • Consolidates all your supplements into one product
  • Saves you time making up feeds
  • Cost effective and saves you money long term
  • Gives you peace of mind your horse’s dietary needs are being met
  • Avoids over-supplementing
  • Keeps your horse healthier - the healthier your horse is, the less likely he’ll need to see the vet

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Fibregenix Evolution

From thousands of diet reviews provided by us to customer over the past 7 years, it became apparent that many horses and ponies are suffering from today’s modern feeding practices  which don’t always provide the recommended nutrients for healthy living.

By collaborating with leading nutritionists and scientists across the World and using the most innovative and up to date nutrients known for providing exceptional results, we developed a complex, multi nutrient formulation with the best absorption rates to ensure your horses are benefitting from every ingredient. The science behind Fibregenix is truly of the highest calibre.

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About Us

In 2012 Anita & Paul began importing a well-known UK brand of feed balancer supplements, 7 years later in 2018, Fibregenix was launched.

In this modern world of big multi-national corporations, we are quite unique in being a simple husband and wife team – based in Perth, Western Australia. We care about our products and how they work for our customers and their horses – we take it personally.  


Fibregenix Platinum Pro

The best choice of equine supplements for feeding performance horses, veterans and those with compromised digestive systems. Eg. ulcer prone, colics and scouring. Supports the gut during courses of medications such as antibiotics.

This is a technically advanced feed balancer that takes equine nutrition to a higher level. Its unique formulation delivers the optimum balance and level of each nutrient with a synergistic effect to promote optimum health and performance.

1 bag will last the average horse 30 days

show condition feeding
tying up
The Fit Event Horse

Fibregenix Lami Low-Cal

For all overweight horses and ponies, good doers, laminitic or other metabolic conditions, confined to stable/convalescence.

Managing the diets of overweight or laminitic horses and ponies is often a huge headache for owners.  Neither category should be starved as this can lead to further issues such as ulcers or colic as well as mental stress.

1 bag will last the average horse 30 days.

Fibregenix Prime Original 

The best choice for leisure horses and ponies, showing, dressage up to and including Novice/medium level and broodmares, foals and young stock.

If you have a horse or pony that’s could do with more condition, has poor quality hooves and/or has a coat that has lost its sparkle, perhaps his digestive system isn’t quite as healthy as it should be which is affecting his temperament, then Fibregenix Prime Original is the product you need. 

1 bag will last the average horse 30 days.

Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF

Assists to reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity & improve your horse’s joint health and well being

There are numerous joint supplements on the market and many of these are restricted to one or two basic ingredients, which although can help some joint problems, do not offer a complete range of scientifically proven ingredients, to target specific areas and give maximum benefit to the horse. 

1 bottle will last 40 days.

The key active ingredients in Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF are: Rosehip (Rosa canina), Hyaluronic Acid (HLA), Glucosamine HCL, MSM (Methyl sulphonyl-methane), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), Calcium Chelate

Fibregenix Liquid Karma

Free Karma paste with every purchase. Limited time

There are so many equine calmers on the market and choosing the most effective one for your horse can be challenging.

Fibregenix’s scientifically advanced Liquid Karma can play a significant part in producing consistent improvements in temperament, trainability and performance, without compromising alertness on a wide range of horses and ponies. 

1 bottle with last 40 days.

Fibregenix Karma Paste – calming on the go!

For best results feed one 15ml ‘calm’ approx. an hour before the stressful event and if required another 15ml half an hour before.

Fibregenix’s calming paste is ideal for all horses and ponies and comes in a palatable natural liquorice flavour. Each easy to use syringe provides two 15ml serves and with no banned substances.

Contains fast-acting Magnesium Chloride, L-tryptophan and Vitamins B1, B3 and Vitamin E, all providing a positive effect on the nervous system to assist in keeping a horse relaxed and settled. Karma paste syringes are:

Non drowsy – Suitable for use in competition

100% natural – No artificial colours or flavours

Suitable for – Competing/Travelling/Stable confinement or any other stressful situation.


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