Liquid Joint & Bone 

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When your horse has joint issues you want fast-acting, effective solutions, right? 

Your problem: With powder-form supplements, the powder needs dissolving before the nutrients are absorbed via the gut wall.

Another downside is many powder supplements taste bitter.  So your horse (who doesn’t always appreciate what’s good for him) will either sift the powders out or turn his nose up.

Helps reduce inflammation, aids in protecting cartilage and synovial fluid integrity and boosts immunity

Promotes your horse’s joint health and well-being

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Liquid Joint & Bone RLF

Our liquid joint and bone health supplement is arguably the best joint & bone formula for horses. It’s a plant-based, anti-inflammatory and immune system support for joint health and general well being. The primary ingredient is rosehips manufactured with patented processes which assist in reducing inflammation. Rosehips contain properties to help protect cartilage, improve general health and improve performance.

Benefits for your horse:

  • Aids in nourishing and protects joints
  • May assist in helping to delay the onset of joint problems
  • Can assist in ensuring horses and ponies are kept mobile and comfortable, prolonging an active life.
  • Contains a cutting-edge bone supplement. This may assist in promoting strong, dense bone in both young, developing horses and those in hard training.
  • Fast absorbing

Benefits for You:

  • 1 bottle will last your horse 40 days
  • Easy to dispense twin neck bottle
  • Simply mix in with feed – no syringing needed
  • Excellent value for a top-quality, human-grade product

Fibregenix  Liquid joint and bone health supplement is ideal for horses and ponies in work, young growing horse and veterans

Problem solver

  • Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF combines a comprehensive range of scientifically proven ingredients.  These target the many varied causes of joint problems such as injury and arthritic issues. Ground conditions that change from hard, concussive conditions to soft ground conditions can cause soft tissue injuries such as strains. Liquid Joint & Bone RLF can assist in the repair of soft tissues.

The Magic of Rosehips

  • Today’s active working horse will inevitably experience wear and tear on joints. Therefore, degenerative and inflammatory joint issues such as arthritis are common in older horses but can occur at any age.   Rosehip contains glycosides that have anti-inflammatory properties.  These may assist in reducing inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease and where there is swelling due to injury.
  • Young horses may benefit from the cutting-edge bone supplement promoting strong, dense, correctly mineralised bone.

General Information

There are many joint and bone health supplements on the market and some are restricted to just one or two basic ingredients. Although some are beneficial, few offer a complete range of scientifically proven ingredients, targetting specific areas and providing maximum benefit.

Key active ingredients in Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF

Rosehip (Rosa canina)

This extract of dog rose contains glycosides which act as an anti-inflammatory.  Glycosides control the number of white blood cells that can enter the site of injury. It may be a degenerative injury i.e. arthritis or an acute injury such as a soft tissue tear.  White blood cells that enter the site of injury cause swelling. By controlling the number of these white blood cells that can enter the joint.  Rosa canina has been shown to help minimise swelling.   So it aids joint comfort both on a short and long term basis. Proven to be 40% more effective than Glucosamine, rosehip also contains high levels of Vitamin C.  The powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals helping to prevent damage to cells.

Hyaluronic Acid (HLA)

Synovial fluid is the fluid enclosed within a joint capsule that helps to ensure the joint moves freely. When a horse ages or injury occurs within a joint this fluid can become more viscous.  This physically prevents a joint from moving freely, which can cause mechanical stiffness.  Hyaluronic acid helps ensure that synovial fluid remains at the correct viscosity, enabling joints to move freely.

Glucosamine HCL

Cartilage covers the ends of bones to ensure they don’t grind against each other. Arthritic changes or cartilage damage can result in the breakdown of cartilage, making horses uncomfortable. Glucosamine is essential for cartilage regeneration and is available in many forms. Fibregenix uses the most bio-available variety, Glucosamine hydrochloride, which safeguards maximum absorption.  Therefore it’s the most effective way to aid cartilage regeneration.

MSM (Methyl sulphonyl-methane)

Tendons and ligaments are soft tissues that connect muscle to bone and bone to bone.  For a joint to move these soft tissues need to be healthy and strong to assist with the movement.  When an injury occurs to one of these soft tissues joint movement may be restricted. MSM provides the building blocks of protein to aid tendon and ligament repair and general tendon and ligament health. Fibregenix uses an organic form of MSM which is better absorbed by the horse.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

Plays a key role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis, especially in bone. Stimulates the intestinal absorption of calcium, building up the bone matrix and promotes the mineralization of osteoblastic bone formation.  Works synergistically with Calcium to benefit bone health and bone remodeling after exercise.

Calcium Chelate

99% of the calcium in the horse’s body is deposited in bone. This is key in supporting the mechanical property of bone and the bone remodeling process. Providing calcium as a chelate ensures it’s a readily available nutrient that can help to prevent bone weaknesses.

Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF is of particular value to performance horses and breeding stock. Using a joint and bone supplement that incorporates all these ingredients in our easy to use palatable liquid will ensure your horse or pony has the best possible chance of staying comfortable, healthy and sound, prolonging an active life.


Add Liquid Joint & Bone RLF for $2.40 per day.  It’s really is the best joint and bone health supplement you can give your horse…

Daily maintenance serve @ 25ml per day, loading serve @ 50ml per day for 6 days




Nutrient Analysis:

A maintenance serve of 25ml per day will provide the following:

Glucosamine HCL                              5g per day

MSM                                                    5g per day

Hyaluronic Acid                                  30mg per day

Rosehip (active Rosa Canina)       250mg per day

Calcium (as chelate)                        350mg per day

Vitamin D3                                          20,000iu per day

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