Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF

There are many joint supplements on the market and many of these are restricted to one or two basic ingredients, which may be beneficial for some joint problems, but don’t offer a complete range of scientifically proven ingredients to target specific areas and give maximum benefit to the horse.  Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF is unique in that it contains a comprehensive range of natural, human-grade, scientifically proven ingredients that target the many varied causes of joint problems such as injury and arthritic issues. Additionally, it incorporates a cutting-edge bone supplement to promote strong, dense bone in both young developing horses and those in hard training.

Ingredients: Rosehip (Rosa Canina), Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine HCL, MSM, Calcium Chelate and Vitamin D3

1 bottle will last 40 days at the recommended rate of 25 ml per day (maintenance)

Fibregenix Liquid Karma

There are so many equine calmers on the market and choosing the most effective one for your horse can be challenging.

Fibregenix’s scientifically advanced Liquid Karma can play a significant part in producing consistent improvements in temperament, trainability and performance, without compromising alertness on a wide range of horses and ponies. 

1 bottle with last 40 days.

Fibregenix Karma Paste – calming on the go!

For best results feed one 15ml ‘calm’ approx. an hour before the stressful event and if required another 15ml half an hour before.

Fibregenix’s calming paste is ideal for all horses and ponies and comes in a palatable natural liquorice flavour. Each easy to use syringe provides two 15ml serves and with no banned substances.

Contains fast-acting Magnesium Chloride, L-tryptophan and Vitamins B1, B3 and Vitamin E, all providing a positive effect on the nervous system to assist in keeping a horse relaxed and settled. Karma paste syringes are:

Non drowsy – Suitable for use in competition

100% natural – No artificial colours or flavours

Suitable for – Competing/Travelling/Stable confinement or any other stressful situation.