Fibregenix March Quiz answers

We’ve received your submission and good luck in the Prize Draw. Here are the answers from the quiz

  • Typically how many hours does it take for feed to pass through the horse’s digestive system? 36-72
  • Ideally, over how many days should changes to a horse’s diet be made? 10-14
  • Probiotic yeasts are live micro-organisms which help promote the production of bacteria which digest what in the horse’s hindgut? Cellulose
  • Which part of the horse’s digestive system creates heat to help the horse maintain its body temperature? Large Intestine
  • Oxalate grasses cause problems with which particular mineral in the horse’s body? Calcium
  • Over-rugging, fly sprays and too much bathing your horse with soap can contribute to a deficiency of which vitamin? D3
  • What is the length in meters of the small intestine of the horse? 20
  • Up to how many litres of gastric juice can a horse produce over a 24 hour period? 32
  • How many jaw movements will a horse make when chewing 1kg of hay? 3400
  • Which essential fatty acid does fresh grass provide the horse with the most of? Omega 3
  • In what discipline is a Liverpool bit used for? Carriage driving
  • How many Olympic medals has Australian eventer Andrew Hoy won? 4
  • The Mawari horse, a native breed from India is noted particularly for what physical attribute? Inward curving ears
  • The first horse was a hare shaped animal about 50 million years ago. What was it? Hyracotherium
  • How many pairs of ribs does a horse have? 18
  • Where would you find a horse’s poverty line? Hindquarters
  • Monday Morning sickness is also known as what? Azoturia
  • At which UK racecourse did Black Caviar race in 2012? Royal Ascot
  • Who painted The Persistence of Memory? Salvador Dali
  • What is JK Rowling’s first name? Joanne
  • How many hearts does an octopus have? 3
  • In which country would you find the Cardamom Mountains? Cambodia
  • Which UK city had the nickname “Cottonopolis” in the 19th century? Manchester
  • How many keys does a grand piano typically have? 88
  • What is someone with Anuptaphobia afraid of? Staying single
  • What flag does the crew raise when their ship is about to leave port? Blue Peter flag
  • Score = 26

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