The Fibregenix balancers have been created in collaboration with leading scientists and highly experienced nutritionists who have decades of experience behind them in formulating equine premixes and we therefore make no apology for the high standard of our formulations. 

Some seem to think that we may have over formulated, however, it’s been our desire to raise the bar and create a unique and premium product range for Australia’s equine market – products that WILL make the difference to their horse’s health and welfare.

Least costed formulations have no place in the market if your horse is not getting anywhere near the RDS (recommended daily serve). Some companies include ingredients that only have a presence on the label as they cannot even survive the manufacturing process without being compromised. Every horse deserves better and it’s been Fibregenix’s mission to bring a superior product range to market for the benefit of your horse or pony, one which we are satisfied we have achieved, and we trust you will share our sentiments when you feed your horse Fibregenix.

Thank you for joining us…Paul & Anita Budgeon

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