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Genuine Swarovski Crystalline Pen worth $50

Showcasing the signature Crystalline technique, this lilac ballpoint pen is filled with delicate purple crystals for extra elegance. Chrome metal accents and a clip finish this feminine design, which is delivered in a pouch. The high-quality ink cartridge is easy to replace: simply open the pen in the middle with a twist.

Liquid Karma + FREE Swarovski Crystalline Pen

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Dosage is 25 ml per day so a bottle will last 40 days. Under $1.90 per day to ensure calmness in your horse or pony.

FIBREGENIX LIQUID KARMA – Keeping your horse calm the natural & way 100% Competition safe.

With so many equine calmers on the market, choosing the most effective one for your horse can be challenging. The horse’s magnesium stores can be quickly depleted when travelling and competing and this is when feeding a readily available form of magnesium-based calmer can really help.

Spring grass is also renowned for being low in magnesium which is a contributing factor as to why horses and ponies often seem to become more excitable this time of year.

Liquid Karma is a palatable natural liquorice flavour, none swabbable and safe to use daily or as a single dose when required, and can be used on all types of horses and ponies helping to play a significant part in producing consistent improvements in temperament, trainability and performance, without compromising alertness on a wide range of horses and ponies.  It is also safe to use on pregnant or lactating mares and can prove invaluable during the stressful time of weaning to both mare and foal.

The 100% natural ingredients in Liquid Karma include

Magnesium Chloride – the superior, water-soluble form for fast absorption into the blood stream.

L-tryptophan – one of the building blocks for the production of serotonin, a hormone produced in the brain that helps to keep the horse in a settled and relaxed state,

B1, B3 and Vitamin E – Beneficial vitamins which serve to promote a healthy nervous system and are vital to horses under stress from exercise, training and new environments.

Available in a 1-litre twin-neck bottled