Fibregenix Balancer supplements

  • There are a range of Fibregenix balancers for different categories of horses and ponies.
  • Not least cost formulated – Fibregenix balancers contain the most bioavailable form of minerals and include a natural vitamin E.
  • They provide all essential nutrients but also you’ll find some elements that would be in a hard feed – eg fibre, oils/fats and protein.
  • They’re always fed at a rate of 100g/100kg of bodyweight
  • They’re 100% molasses free and whole cereal free
  • Each balancer contains sophisticated digestive supplement packages which work synergistically with each other to improve digestive function and physiology.
  • Small pellet form to ensure all of the product is consumed, powder supplements can all too often be sifted out and are then wasted.

Vitamin/mineral supplement

  • One product only
  • Vitamins and minerals may be of varying quality depending on the cost of the formulation ie some may contain cheap forms of minerals that aren’t well absorbed at al or synthetic forms of vitamins.
  • Some may be missing essential amino acids, or include unnecessary non-essential amino acids.
  • Always fed in smaller gram quantities so while these supplements can provide a wide range of nutrients, functionality is limited
  • May contain unspecified Yeasts or probiotics/prebiotics –often these will be found at minimal levels to minimize formulation costs, or consist of lower strains which makes them less effective. Bear in mind that functional ingredients such as yeast probiotics and prebiotics are one of the most expensive components of a supplement or feed, and there are no specific rules or regulations on how much should be included.
  • Often in a powder form which is cheaper to produce than a pelleted balancer. Just remember, if it costs just cents to feed, there’s a reason for it.