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Fibregenix is Australia’s leading equine nutrition Company, specialising in nutrition the way nature intended. Using the latest research from Australia and around the World, we have produced some of the best formulations that are available in Australia.

We manufacture a tailored range of balancer products and liquid supplements that promote and maintain super health.  Whatever category your horse or pony is in, we have a product to provide the solution for all nutritional dilemmas and general health.

We firmly believe that your horse’s health, welfare and happiness is to feed as close to how nature intended as possible…and our products are formulated to complement that ethos.

What is Fibregenix?

Not a hard feed but equally not just a vitamin & mineral supplement.

Fibregenix balancer supplements are a tailored range of all-in-one feed additive products – the ultimate equine multi-supplement. Designed to promote digestive health and balance and provide a boost of nutrients to any feed regime.

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How your Horse Benefits
  • Simplifies your horse’s feed regime by keeping it natural, so your horse can stay fitter, healthier and have a longer & more productive life.
  • Low feeding rate (100g per 100kg of bodyweight)
  • No whole cereals, no molasses so Low starch/sugar (all below 12%)
  • Promotes digestive health like no other to avoid issues such as ulcers, colics, compromised immune system and metabolic problems
  • Helps improve general health, hooves, coat and skin, respiratory, stamina, recovery, condition and topline, temperament.
  • Your horse – but better in every way….

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How You Benefit
  • Consolidates all your supplements into one product
  • Saves you time making up feeds
  • Cost effective and saves you money long term
  • Gives you peace of mind your horse’s dietary needs are being met
  • Avoids over-supplementing
  • Keeps your horse healthier – the healthier your horse is, the less likely he’ll need to see the vet

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Fibregenix Evolution

From thousands of diet reviews provided by us to customer over the past 7 years, it became apparent that many horses and ponies are suffering from today’s modern feeding practices  which don’t always provide the recommended nutrients for healthy living.

By collaborating with leading nutritionists and scientists across the World and using the most innovative and up to date nutrients known for providing exceptional results, we developed a complex, multi nutrient formulation with the best absorption rates to ensure your horses are benefitting from every ingredient. The science behind Fibregenix is truly of the highest calibre.

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See how simple

Is your horse fuelled by Fibregenix yet?

What dietary issues do you wish to solve

Needs more condition Prime Original Platinum ProOverweight Lami Low-Cal
Poor Topline Prime Original Platinum ProLaminitis Lami Low-Cal
Ulcers (EGUS) Platinum ProInsulin resistance Lami Low-Cal
Colic Prone Platinum ProEquine metabolic syndrome Lami Low-Cal
Scouring Platinum ProCushing's Platinum Pro Lami Low-Cal
Tying up Platinum ProHoof problems Prime Original Platinum Pro Lami Low-Cal
Allergy avoidance (eg no grain/high protien) Prime Original Platinum Pro Lami Low-CalAnxious, excitable, easily stressed, hot & fizzy Prime Original Platinum Pro Lami Low-Cal Liquid Karma Karma Paste – the Ultimate in equine calming
Itchy skin and/or poor coat condition Prime Original Platinum Pro Lami Low-CalMobility issues (eg Arthritis) Liquid Joint & Bone RLF
Developmental Orthopaedic Disease Liquid Joint & Bone RLF Prime OriginalStamina, fitness & recovery Platinum Pro
Stress when weaning Liquid Karma Prime OriginalTendon/ligament injuries Liquid Joint & Bone RLF
Bone development, fractures, navicular, bone chips/spurs Liquid Joint & Bone RLFPoor immune function Balancers

Liquid Joint & Bone + FREE Swarovski Crystalline Pen

$94.95 inc. GST

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Liquid Karma + FREE Swarovski Crystalline Pen

$74.95 inc. GST