We offer our loyal customers a free, complementary nutrition review.

Our Diet Analysis will enable Anita, our nutritionist, to work with you to tailor a diet suited to your horse or pony’s individual needs.  We are here to point you in the right direction, to answer all your questions, offer practical advice and make sure the diet for your horse is tailored to suit his individual requirements and circumstances…after all, each horse or pony is unique!

“Wow Anita, Thanks! That helps clarify so much!” LM (VIC)

“Thank you so much for your long and comprehensive reply. I am very grateful for all this information – it’s been very helpful even with regards to what I’m feeding my other horses. Thank you for giving up your time over Christmas to reply!” RR (NSW)

“Thanks for this very comprehensive diet review. Very helpful” NP (NSW)

“I first just want to say how impressed i am with the level of knowledge you expressed throughout your email. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an in-depth analysis of my boys feed regime. I have learnt so much from your email alone so big thank you! You are providing a wonderful service Anita and your customer service is just outstanding!” RP (VIC)

“Thank you very much for that very comprehensive review! That is really interesting and informative. I will have a bit more of a thorough read and will let you know if I have any questions. Thank you very much for pulling this all together for me! “ RA (VIC)


“Wow! So much information!! Thanks so much, that’s a massive help. And also nice to just know what I’m putting in to his body” KG (WA)

“Anita thank you, your reply is very detailed. I will enjoy reading it thoroughly in coming days.” TG (VIC)

“Anita – thank you so, so much for going above and beyond with all your information, truly very appreciated”  KF (VIC)

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