…your Free Diet audit

Have you ever wanted an honest, common sense free diet audit?  We know there’s lots of you out there struggling with one or more nutrition pain points and you’re overthinking things.


Sit back and let us do the thinking for you!

A Tailored Diet

Our complementary Free diet audit will enable Anita, our nutritionist, to work with you to tailor a diet suited to your beloved’s individual needs.

Oodles of Advice

If you’re just looking for advice, or even need a shoulder to cry on, we’re here for you.

You’ll be pointed in the right direction, we’ll answer all your questions and offer solid, easy to understand, practical advice. Because we’re very good at that…

Your Horse’s Bespoke Plan

We’ll make sure your horse gets exactly what he needs to suit his individual requirements and circumstances. After all, we all know each horse or pony is unique!


We can also offer training advice. Yes, really, we can!

No computer-generated reviews here…we prefer the old-fashioned method using our foolproof, state of the art abacus – just kidding! 🙂

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