Some of our Fibregenix stars

show horse fed on Fibregenix prime original conditioning balancer supplement

Redline Shooting Star on Platinum Pro

top show condition

Smarty on Liquid Karma

Lami Low Cal after 10 days

Mikey Lami Low Cal after 10 days

feeding western rodeo horses

Leslie Moore Platinum Pro

joint and bone

Audrey 21 yrs on Lami Low Cal and Joint & Bone

Senior Horses

Tuis Moana – veteran on Prime Original

Roy on Fibregenix Platinum Pro

 MissC on Lami Low-Cal

Miss C on lami

Orlando fed on Platinum Pro

barrel racer

Mouse fed on Prime Original

stable feeding

Irish on Prime Original


Durango, on Prime Original

top condition

Koko fed on Prime Original

Koko on Prime Original

Bobby fed on Prime Original

show shine

Hollie Cassini with GG 23 years old on Lami Low Cal

Redline Infinity on Platinum Pro

feeding young show horses

Rochelle Osborne’s mare after 2 weeks on Platinum Pro

platinum pro after 2 weeks

Lateef on Prime Original

dressage horse

Guss – warmblood gelding on Prime Original

grazing horse

Black Sterling Heike on Platinum Pro

black sterling Heike

Glamour on Prime Oiginal

Arabian Mare
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