About us and who we are we?

We’re a husband and wife team who are passionate about horses and everything equine.  We’re dedicated to providing the best nutrition possible to keep your horses happy and healthy all their lives. First and foremost, we created Fibregenix to provide the ultimate solution to everyday feeding problems.  Our aim is to be the benchmark in Equine Nutrition Australia-wide.

More about us.

Paul Budgeon

Paul works hard behind the scenes managing the website, online sales, advertising, financials, logistics and maintaining the ‘general health’ of Fibregenix.  He’s also the driving force of the business and all round whip-cracker!  Originally from the UK, he trained with Rolls Royce in the UK as a mechanical engineer. After migrating to Oz 28 years ago he worked in the mining industry in Logistics and Operations. He also spent a number of years as Operations Manager for the Australian Wheat Board.  This has given him an in-depth knowledge of how the feed industry works.

“Having had some of the best training possible and some great mentors during my career I’m very passionate about right first time and eliminating waste. All these little things eventually cost the end consumer money and we won’t tolerate wasting your money. We want to deliver the highest quality possible at the best value for you and your horse”

Anita Budgeon

Anita heads up the all things equine part of the Fibregenix team.  With over 50 years of horsey experience, Anita has previously managed her own breeding stud in the UK specialising in Spanish horses. She competed and trained her own Spanish dressage horses to high levels and also coaches in her spare time. Her overriding passion is equine nutrition, a subject on which she has a wealth of sound knowledge and experience.  Anita lectures Australia-wide and provides in-depth diet consults to customers as well as providing ongoing support.  She also keeps busy with sales and marketing, the social media aspect of Fibregenix and reports to Head of Quality Control.

“The satisfaction I get from helping other people and their horses continues to fuel my lifelong equine passion.  With Fibregenix I truly believe we’ve created an easy solution.  It’ll make a massive impact on improving the quality of any horse and pony’s health and wellbeing.  I’m a big believer in keeping things simple – Fibregenix is going to help you make the difference you’ve always looked for”


25 year old home-bred Hispano-Arabe Stallion. A rather grumpy, handsome and opinionated but much loved member of the Fibregenix Team. Churizo is Head of Quality Control and keeps Anita on her toes on a day-to-day basis. He also happens to be the half-brother of Dominante, our Lami Low-Cal bag cover star.

“Anita thinks she’s the boss, but everyone knows I’m the decision maker around here.  I’ve been going great on the other balancers they brought to Oz.  But I wanted something that was made in Australia for me and all my horsey pals. As Chief taste tester, I can vouch for Fibregenix – it’s yummy and makes me feel 20 years younger! Everyone compliments me on how I look.”

ADDENDUM: Vale Churizo.  We are devastated to announce that our treasured, beautiful Head of HQ gained his wings at the grand age of 29 on Friday 28th July 2023.  He was the inspiration for us creating Fibregenix but continues to live on in our hearts and memories.  It’s a testimony to our products that he remained looking as magnificent as ever up to his passing, gaining many compliments from customers and vets…he was the brightest star in our lives and things will never be the same without him.  Sleep tight, Churizo and RIP x


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