Hoof health for laminitics

Laminitis is the scourge of modern feeding practices and continues to be a killer of many horses and ponies. Even mild cases can have a detrimental and long term effect so it needs to be taken very seriously. Ensuring good hoof health for laminitics is an important part of the recovery process. Unfortunately, it can be a long drawn out process to recover once the sensitive hoof structures have been damaged.

Laminitis has long been linked to the over-consumption of starch and sugars.  Fibregenix  formulated Lami Low-Cal to help combat this overload to the digestive system.  As its name implies, it’s a low calorie diet feed balancer, high in fibre and  whole cereal and molasses free. This means it’s exceptionally low in sugar/starch yet still provides every essential nutrient required daily.

Digestive Health

The combination of hindgut and foregut digestive aids. is particularly beneficial. These work to help reduce lactic acid levels in the gut preventing the harmful effects of an increased bacterial population.  Lami Low-Cal’s superior equine-approved live yeast probiotic is also renowned for promoting effective gut motility and function.  Furthermore, MOS & FOS prebiotics assist in removing pathogenic bacteria for a healthy gut environment and improve the immune system.

Nutrients for hoof health for laminitics

The comprehensive hoof supplement in Lami Low-Cal includes biotin, methionine, lysine, and organic chelated zinc and copper. These amino acids, vitamins and mineral nutrients are highly important in the formation of pliable, good quality hooves. In addition, Organic MSM provides a source of sulphur, essential for hoof wall development.

Nucleotide benefits

The formulation includes Purified Nucleotides. These molecules  make up the structural units of DNA and RNA within cells and are especially beneficial to laminitics. They play an integral role in repairing damaged laminae by increasing red blood cells in the body.  Therefore more oxygen can be carried to the injured tissue boosting oxygen flow to help repair the damage. Additionally, nucleotides promote rapid cell proliferation which aids the growth of the hoof wall.

Another benefit of including nucleotides is their role in maintaining a healthy immune system. This helps fight bacterial infections which are particularly common in the hoof. All these benefits help your horse or pony back into recovery and work as soon as possible.

Fatty acids – essential for hoof health for laminitics

Lami Low-Cal contains a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to improve overall health in laminitics. Interestingly, Omega 3 is particularly important for hoof care with its healing properties, and it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.  Omega 3 deficiencies can exacerbate hoof wall problems so it’s paramount to ensure the diet isn’t fatty acid deficient.

In conclusion, feeding Lami Low-Cal is the key to avoiding negative issues that accompany metabolic problems. Importantly,  it assists in maintaining good general health and well-being long-term when coupled with good husbandry standards.

Reviewed and updated Dec 2020

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