Nucleotides for greater health benefits

Nucleotides for greater health benefits are at the forefront of modern nutrition. These molecules make up the structural units of DNA and RNA.  They are found naturally in the horse’s diet, however at low levels. All horses and ponies can benefit from the inclusion of nucleotides in their diet. There are 5 nucleotides that must be provided in balanced amounts to allow for absorption.

The horses that benefit the most

Nucleotides need to be readily available to horses :
– Under stress
– Suffering from low immunity
– During growth (e.g. foals/youngsters)
– Under high productive performance (e.g. breeding)
– Undergoing high levels of exercise


Nucleotides for greater health benefits are highly suitable for performance horses. This group of horses has a higher nutritional dietary requirement than most.  By supporting the immune system and facilitating the immune cells, nucleotides help to fight viral and bacterial infections. Furthermore, by improving red blood cell regeneration, more oxygen can be transported around the body.  This helps improve fitness levels, stamina, and reduces the onset of fatigue and the level of lactic acid produced.

There are other cells/areas requiring rapid cell regeneration.  These include immuno-competent cells, gastrointestinal cells, intestinal flora cells, liver cells and cells of reproductive organs


Nucleotides for greater health benefits – Muscle Recovery and Function:

If nucleotides are fed as a supplement to the diet this reduces the number of steps to form cells. This quickens the recovery rates for the muscles that undergo stress as part of a training schedule. The better and faster that these muscles recover the better the muscle function.

Injury recovery

Increased oxygen transportation provided by nucleotides means that more oxygen will get to the damaged area. Coupled with the increase in the rate of cell replication, nucleotides can help reduce injury recovery time.


Nucleotides help the rate of regeneration of immune cells. This improves the horse’s immune system and helps fight bacterial and viral infections. As immune facilitators (not stimulators) they only help when required. In this way, they help it to quickly respond to and destroy a disease/infection. Immune stimulators can be dangerous, and overstimulate the immune system = immune system shut-down = disease/ infection can enter.


There are very few supplements containing purified nucleotides. Fibregenix is the only feed balancer company that includes purified Nucleotides with a 95% availability rate in their formulations.

Fibregenix has created formulations that go above and beyond what would be expected of a balancer product. The tailored balancers in the Fibregenix range are the result of many years of careful and dedicated research.  We provide the very best in nutrition for your horse or pony promoting long term optimal health and wellbeing.  They’re scientifically generated to help promote a more natural diet.

Form always defines function so when it comes to choosing the best supplements always do your research! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Reviewed and updated Dec 2019

Benefits of Nucleotides to Fibregenix Prime Original

Promoting improved weight/condition

By increasing length and number of intestinal villi, maximum absorption is promoted particularly when combined with high levels of probiotic.

Mares, foals & young stock

They help prevent the normal ‘dip’ of antibody levels in lactating mares.  This is for the continual promotion of health in both mare and foal.

Will further prevent digestive upset during weaning/general gastro upsets.

Lots of nucleotides needed for the development of foal digestive tract as no dead cells available for ‘recycling’.

Aids placental development/milk production.

Low-level competition/show horse

Attending shows means a greater risk of exposure to infection/disease.
Therefore, nucleotides will aid the immune system in recovering from this additionally promoting excellent condition and health.

Benefits of Nucleotides to Fibregenix Platinum Pro

Competition horses

High-performance horses always require high levels of cell proliferation. With nucleotides, there will be better production, absorption and utilisation of oxygen and a level heart rate during exercise.

Fewer cells will be broken down and more active red blood cells.  This means an increased oxygen-carrying capacity.  The build up of much lower levels of lactic acid means a reduced risk of azoturia.  In turn, this results in better recovery after exercise.

Veteran horses

Nucleotides will help to promote excellent health, condition, and weight. Ensure healthy digestion (often compromised with old age) and aid the immune system when required (often compromised with old age).

Horses under extreme stress

e.g. recovering from antibiotics/severe digestive upset

They support the health of the digestive system (often compromised/unbalanced following antibiotic treatment)


Benefits of Nucleotides to Fibregenix Lami Low-Cal

By ensuring your laminitic horse or pony’s gut is healthy, their immune system is facilitated.  Nucleotides primarily benefit laminitics as they aid the repair of the laminae by improving oxygen flow to the damaged laminae. Recovery from laminitis can be improved helping you to get your horse or pony back to full health ASAP.

Overweight/good doer

if the diet is limited, nucleotide/vitamin/minerals will be below recommended levels and even lower than usual.


There are very few supplements that contain purified nucleotides.  Fibregenix is the only feed balancer company that includes Ascogen, purified Nucleotides with a 95% availability rate in their balancers.

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