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Fibregenix Prime Original is the best choice for paddock only horses and ponies, showing, dressage, light to moderate work.  It’s also beneficial for broodmares, foals and youngstock.

Do you have a horse or pony that’s could do with more condition? Poor quality hooves and/or has a coat that’s lost its sparkle? Perhaps his digestive system isn’t quite as healthy as it should be which is affecting his temperament. Then Fibregenix Prime Original is the product you need.

This flexible, nutrient-rich balancer supplement is designed to balance and optimise the diets of horses and ponies.  And you’ll find there’s no need to add any further supplements. It really does keep the diet simple.

Key Ingredients:

  •  top-specification broad-spectrum vitamin and chelated minerals supplement
  •  specially balanced blend of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids promoting healthy skin and a glossy, gleaming coat
  •  effective hoof supplement for strong pliable hooves
  •  powerful combination of bioavailable antioxidants.
  • digestive enhancers: This includes a licenced live yeast probiotic and purified nucleotides. This double-action combination allows horses to utilise far more nutrients from the forage and any concentrates in their diet. It also helps to stabilise the gut environment and improves nutrient absorption.  In turn, this usually means that hard feed can be reduced with many resulting benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • keeps the diet simple
  • the tasty small pellets will mean no more sifting out of expensive powdered supplements – your horse or pony will eat every scrap
  • free from whole cereals and molasses and super low in starch and sugars
  • save money and time by not having to buy other supplements
  • promotes a calmer temperament

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Feeding Guide:

Feed at 100g per 100kg of body weight.  Do not exceed 200g per 100kg of body weight. Please weigh to check the amount. Introduce gradually over a week. Commence feeding with 100g in the night feed. Feed as a single amount or over 2 feeds.

Complements all fibre feeds. Eg hay, chaff, beet pulp, etc. Or simply add to your horse’s current hard feed if you aren’t feeding the recommended daily serve.  No other supplements are required.

Example of typical feed regime for approx 500kg horse in no work with 24/7 paddock access

  • 500g Prime Original – can be fed on its own or added to a small amount of chaff
  • Feed supplemental hay when pasture becomes scarce eg in winter or summer or any other periods of drought.

NB: Amounts of supplemental feed will vary depending on your horse/pony’s metabolism, condition and the nutritional value of hay/grass

Example of typical fibre feed regime for approx 500 kg horse in light/moderate work. Eg showing/riding club activities/low-level dressage. Fed at 2% of body weight in total dry matter.

  •  500g Prime Original
  • 9 kg hay
  • 1 kg chaff or mixture of chaff/beet pulp or any other fibre feed product.

NB:  Hay, chaff, beet pulp etc amounts can be adjusted up or down.  It all depends on your horse or pony’s current condition, metabolism, pasture access etc. Generally, we wouldn’t expect a horse/pony in light or moderate work to require a grain-based hard feed.

Add Prime Original to your horse’s feed for around $2.30/day*

1 bag will last the average horse for 30 days. (Enter Birthday Draw Here)


Prime Original

Ask for Fibregenix at your stock feeder

$74.95 inc. GST

Add Prime Original to your horse’s feed for around $2.30/day* to promote:

  • Coat & skin health
  • Digestive health
  • Topline
  • Condition
  • Overall health & well-being

Fed @ 100gm/100kg of body weight… 

Benefits of Nucleotides

*Based on avg 500 kg horse*

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