Winter weight woes…the proven ways to increase your horse condition and topline (without breaking the bank)….

So happy I’ve made the switch to Fibregenix Prime Original and adjusted their diets. Both looking great, good condition and both super shiny, can’t honestly wait for hairy winter coats to be gone and see what spring brings!!!  Lateef is way less girthy and is much more settled to ride. Thanks

Michelle V, NSW

This is Charlie – click on the link to see the two photos were taken a month apart from when he started on Fibregenix Platinum Pro to now. (and no, he isn’t standing on a slope in the first photo!) All I did was change to Fibregenix, that was literally it – l didn’t increase his work or anything. So stoked with Fibregenix! Sophie T, Victoria.

Sophie T, Victoria

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How much are you feeding to get more weight on your beautiful horse this Winter?  Why are you stuck in that “Nothing’s working” phase or jumping onto groups to try and get the answer?  We know there’s so many confusing choices and conflicting advice – can you be confident what will work for your horse’s specific needs?

Well, here’s one simple way to get it right as one recent customer discovered…Just ask us! Yes, Really! We’ve helped thousands of horse owners to take a different approach to horse nutrition and feed for long term health, and not with short term quick fix solutions.