You’ve invested a lot of time and money into breeding from your mare so it makes to pay close attention to the care and management of your pregnant mare. Feeding is a major contributional factor for a successful outcome and Fibregenix Prime Original feed balancer will provide your mare with the enhanced nutritional uptake required throughout the gestation period.

The unique formulation includes ideal levels of folic Acid, which is important for the development of a healthy foetus.  It also includes high levels of a leading live yeast probiotic, which may help to increase mare’s milk production and milk nutrient density. The comprehensive vitamin, mineral and nutrient package will also ensure your mare is provided with everything she needs on a daily basis from a nutrient perspective.

The live Actisaf Yeast probiotic In Prime Original has been scientifically proven to double the ability to digest fibre.  This will help the broodmare to maximise the nutrients from the fibre in her diet. This is particularly useful during the last few weeks of pregnancy when the increasing size of the foetus means the mare is unable to eat as much fibre.

Broodmares that are maintained in a healthy body condition will generally breed more successfully and will produce foals that are healthier too. 

Fibregenix Prime Original will help to:

Aid foetal development

Aid digestion and nutrient uptake

Support milk production by preventing the normal ‘dip’ of antibody levels in lactating mares.

Aid placental development and maintain condition throughout pregnancy, lactation and weaning.


Breeding represents a huge commitment to time and money and you want your new foal to give you the best possible return on that investment. Giving your foal the best start in his life is essential and nutrition naturally plays a key part in this.

Fibregenix Prime Original’s small pellets are the perfect introduction to creep feeding and can be safely fed from 3 weeks of age. 

Including Prime Original in your foals’ diet can:

Promote steady even growth rates, promote good muscle tone, a shiny coat and healthy skin

Aid the development of dense, well-mineralised bone and strong, healthy hooves

Help maintain a healthy gut – the digestive health package in Prime Original contains a highly effective live probiotic yeast to aid digestion in the caecum, and purified nucleotides to encourage good villi development for improved nutrient absorption.  This means great gut health from the off and a reduced risk of digestive disorders which can also help prevent stress during weaning.


Young horses thrive on a high fibre diet with the inclusion of quality digestible protein for muscle growth and development.  Adding Prime Original to a young horse’s quality fibre diet will ensure he gets all the essential nutrients he needs without having to rely on a grain-based high starch diet which can lead to uneven growth spurts, unwanted weight gain, joint issues and even metabolic issues such as laminitis.  A good fibre diet for a young horse will consist of quality pasture (ideally avoiding rye/clover pasture and the use of fertilisers such as nitrates, urea or superphosphates), quality hay, chaff and other fibre products such as Speedibeet.

By supplementing your youngster’s diet with a comprehensive joint and bone supplement such as Fibregenix Liquid Joint and Bone, you will help to promote strong, dense bone development and healthy, nourished joints to ensure longevity of the skeletal system and limbs.  Fibregenix Liquid Joint & Bone contains and Glucosamine HCL, which is vital for cartilage metabolism and the formation of synovial fluid, the joint’s natural lubricant.  It also contains organic MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip and a bone supplement comprising of vitamin D3 and calcium chelate – all these active ingredients help to support and nourish your youngster’s joints and bones.

On a further note, weaning can be a very stressful time.  Fibregenix Liquid Karma can be fed to both the mare and foal for two weeks prior to weaning and can be continued until they have settled.  This liquid calmer made with 100% natural ingredients contains no prohibited substances and is a safe and natural way to help take the stress out of the weaning process.  For the owner we would advocate perhaps a stiff drink!