Racing feed balancer

Fibregenix Platinum Pro is a nutrient dense feed balancer that can help improve your horse’s performance and ultimately your strike rate.  Platinum Pro contains a complete vitamin and mineral package, a blood building formula, a hoof formula, quality digestible protein and most importantly, a quadruple action digestive enhancer and gut health package plus antioxidants for immunity and health. The quadruple action digestion aid includes;

1 – The EU approved probiotic, Actisf, that will double the digestibility of fibre in the diet so it is utilised much more efficiently and this can help to prevent common problems such as colic and ulcers as it acts as a buffer in the hind gut.

2 – Fibregenix Platinum Pro also includes a MOS and a FOS prebiotic. There are two types of prebiotics commonly used in equine diets; FOS and MOS.  The FOS used in Fibregenix is unique as it is a short chain of sugar molecules, providing a feed-source for the beneficial micro-organisms in the gut. If the digestive system is already compromised through the stress of competing and travelling, there could be a large population of ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut. Whilst the ‘good’ bacteria may start to thrive, the harmful bacteria will still cause an unhealthy gut and negatively affect the general health of the horse. The MOS prebiotic works in tandem with the FOS and it prevents the harmful bacteria binding to on the gut wall; once the harmful bacteria have bound to the MOS, they cannot be released, and so they are rendered useless and ‘flushed out’ of the digestive system – this promotes the overall health of the digestive system, so the beneficial bacteria aided by the FOS prebiotic, can thrive.

3 – Fibregenix Platinum Pro is the only feed balancer in Australia  to contain Nucleotides.  Nucleotides are essential nutrients that help support muscle recovery and tissue regeneration after strenuous exercise; they also help support red blood cell production, thereby assisting oxygen delivery to muscles and aid nutrient uptake. Independent scientific trials * on thoroughbred racehorses proved that the benefits of nucleotides to high performance horses include;

  • Improved oxygen consumption
  • Improved recovery rates
  • Improved carbon dioxide production
  • Reduced levels of stress hormones
  • Reduced levels of lactic acid

Because Fibregenix Platinum Pro is so nutrient dense it is fed in very small quantities (100 grams per 100 kilograms of bodyweight). Once the horses have been on Fibregenix for a while it may be possible to reduce your hard food.

Just by adding a small amount of Fibregenix Platinum Pro to your horse’s diet, it will have a dramatic impact on their health and overall well-being and ultimately help them to realise their full potential.

* Nucleotide supplementation trial on exercising thoroughbreds at the University in Liege (Belgium) Dr T. Art and Prof P. Lekeux – ref Vet Res (1994) 25, 361-370

We also do a liquid joint and bone supplement that is popular with trainers.  Please note that all of our products can be used on the day of racing.