Feeding racehorses

When it comes to feeding racehorses, their nutritional requirements fall in the extreme category level of feeding.

Such a high exertional effort requires plenty of fast release energy of the type supplied by a carbohydrate rich diet.  Unfortunately, with most trainers adhering to a ‘traditional’ system, the resulting dietary practices conflict with the digestive physiology of horses.  The inappropriate concentrate/forage ratio levels fall way outside the parameters for the horse’s natural diet of fibre and trickle feeding. The result is digestive disorders which can affect performance, immune health and behaviour.  In fact, gastric and hindgut ulcers are the most common problems with any athlete horse fed high levels of starch.

However, attitudes are gradually changing, and many forward-thinking trainers are starting to look for more suitable alternatives.  More importantly, they are understanding the benefits that feeding more fibre to their racehorses can bring.


Recently, feed balancers are also fast becoming a part of that innovative change.  This is due to their level of nutrients and the digestive benefits they can provide.  Fibregenix Platinum Pro is a nutrient dense feed balancer supplement that can help improve your racehorse’s performance. And ultimately, it can result in an increased strike rate whether on the flat or in harness..

This technically advanced feed balancer is designed specifically for the fit performance horse. Its unique formulation delivers the optimum balance and level of each nutrient with a synergistic effect promoting optimum health and performance.

Beneficial Ingredients for Feeding Racehorses


  • quality digestible protein supplying all essential amino acids
  • an enhanced and comprehensive vitamin and chelated mineral package
  • nutrients to promote blood building ie iron, organic copper, vitamin B12 and folic acid to assist in haemoglobin formulation
  • a powerful combination of protected antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system
  • beneficial levels of key nutrients for hoof health
  • high oil content
  • a quadruple action digestive and gut health package

Fibregenix Platinum Pro is also invaluable for the preparation of yearling sales.  Transitioning from grass to a high starch diet all too often results in scouring or ulcers. However, the comprehensive digestive and gut health packages in Platinum Pro can help reduce the risk of digestive upsets from such exposure. The result is a happier, healthier yearling with great muscle tone and condition giving you a better return on your investment.



This probiotic aids the improvement in the breakdown of fibre so it is utilised more efficiently.  It helps support and maintain a horse’s optimal digestive system function.

Levucell affects the horse’s hindgut microflora, stimulating the growth of cellulolytic bacteria populations which improves fibre digestion.  Trials have been performed with Levucell® SC TITAN in horses.  The results have proven that the probiotic yeast produced a significant improvement in fibre and overall dry matter digestibility. These effects are translated into visible benefits for the horse and include optimization of forage, improved feed utilization.  This results in weight gain, performance benefits and general well-being.

Levucell has been shown in studies to reduce lactic acid accumulation Additionally, it can help to prevent common problems such as colic and gastric and hindgut ulcers induced by hindgut acidosis. Hindgut acidosis occurs as a result of lactic acid accumulation.


Fibregenix Platinum Pro is the only feed balancer supplement in Australia  to contain a purified nucleotide supplement.  Besides aiding nutrient absorption and uptake, these essential nutrients help support muscle recovery and tissue regeneration after strenuous exercise.

Furthermore, they support red blood cell production, thereby assisting oxygen delivery to working muscles.  Independent scientific trials * on thoroughbred racehorses proved that the benefits of nucleotides to high performance horses include:

  • Improved oxygen consumption
  • Better recovery rates
  • Improved carbon dioxide production
  • Reduced levels of stress hormones
  • Lowered levels of lactic acid

* Nucleotide supplementation trial on exercising thoroughbreds at the University in Liege (Belgium) Dr T. Art and Prof P. Lekeux – ref Vet Res (1994) 25, 361-370


This specific FOS is made up of short chain fructo-oligosaccharides, providing a feed-source for the beneficial micro-organisms in the gut. A daily starch intake of more than 2% body weight/day increases the amount of starch reaching the hindgut.  This can have a negative effect on the microbial fibrolytic activity, affect fibre degradation, and lead to digestive disorders.


Agrimos is a premium pure saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast fraction is a primary grown yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that offers high, consistent and guaranteed levels of mannan oligo-saccharides and β-glucans. It’s produced by the primary fermentation of a specially selected yeast strain, under specific and controlled conditions (pH, temperature etc.). it supports a healthy immune system and may increase its reaction capacity. Agrimos has a long history in the market. It’s well-documented for its efficiency in binding undesirable bacteria and certain mycotoxins. Furthermore, it helps maintain intestinal integrity while improving microflora balance and animal performance.

Key benefits:

  • It helps to improve gut health by ensuring a better capacity to absorb nutrients and cope with challenging environmental conditions.
  • Increases zootechnical performances including average daily gain and feed efficiency especially in challenging conditions.  For example pathogen pressure or heat stress.
  • Enhances immunoglobulin production during gestation.  This improves the quality of the colostrum and the transfer of immunity from the mother to its offspring at birth.

Mode of action:

MOS binds a broad spectrum of major pathogens (eg E.coliSalmonella) thanks to its high content in mannan-oligosaccharides. It does this by reducing their attachment onto the intestinal mucus and also provides the following benefits:

  • Helps to raise animal natural self-defences
  • Enhances humoral immune responses under challenging conditions
  • Improves cell-mediated immune response to disease
  • Protects the villi and maintains gut integrity whilst strengthening the intestinal barrier.


Fibregenix Platinum Pro is a premium quality nutrient dense balancer supplement specially formulated for high bioavailability. It’s fed in very small quantities (100 grams per 100 kilograms of bodyweight). Crucially, this means that once a racehorse has been on Fibregenix for a while it may be possible to reduce hard feed.  More fibre can then be fed which is more beneficial to the horse’s digestive system.

TRAINER TESTIMONIAL:  Another winner! Since using Fibregenix these past few months we have had more wins and places than ever. Recently, Amber Mamba ran 1st a couple weeks ago –  Ridinghood Fame ran 3rd today.  Glad I convinced my hubby (Bill Spencer) to switch to Fibregenix.

Racehorse winner in WA

TIP: We also have a liquid Joint and Bone supplement that is popular with trainers.  Please note that all of our products can be used on the day of racing.

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