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Fibregenix Platinum Pro is the best balancer supplement for competition horses, veterans and those with compromised digestive systems. Eg ulcer prone, colic and scouring. Additionally, it supports the gut during courses of medications such as antibiotics.

This is a technically advanced feed balancer that takes equine nutrition to a higher level. Its unique formulation synergistically delivers the optimum balance and level of each nutrient to promote optimum health and performance.

Platinum Pro will help aid stamina issues and promotes better recovery rates after performance. Furthermore, it helps reduce issues with lactic acid build up and the stresses of travelling and competing.

Key Ingredients:

  • blood-building formula including B12 and folic acid
  • balanced blend of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids promoting healthy skin and a glossy, gleaming coat
  • top-specification broad-spectrum vitamins and organic chelated minerals for improved availability
  • level of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day scientifically proven to improve hoof quality. Also combined with optimum levels of all other nutrients known to benefit hoof quality
  • powerful levels of selenium, a protected form of vitamin C and natural vitamin E (five times more bioavailable than synthetic). These act as antioxidants, neutralising free radicals and supporting healthy muscle function.  They are vital for horses susceptible to muscle problems
  • digestive enhancers: Actisaf pure protected yeast helps stabilise PH levels in the hindgut and promotes fibre digestibility. Purified nucleotides maximise nutrient absorption
  • generous levels of a double gut health package. FOS prebiotic delivers a reduced risk of digestive upsets. MOS prebiotics help maintain a healthy immune system.

Key Benefits:

  • much simpler and more effective diet saving you time and money
  • tasty small pellets will mean no more sifting out of expensive powdered supplements – your horse or pony will eat every scrap
  • free from whole cereals and molasses so super low in starch and sugars
  • your horse will put on condition and maintain condition and topline even during the busy competition season
  • calmer and able to cope better with the stress of travelling/competing. No more sloppy manure from stress
  • noticeable improvements to stamina, energy and better recovery
  • optimised immune system

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Example of typical fibre feed regime for a 500 kg horse in medium work

Feed at 100 g per 100 kg of body weight.  Do not exceed 200g per 100kg of body weight. Please weigh to check the amount. Introduce gradually over a week. Commence with 100g in the night feed. Can be fed as a single amount or over 2 or more feeds.

  • 500 g Fibregenix Platinum Pro
  • 1kg un-molassed chaff and/or 500 g – 1 kg beet pulp
  • Cold pressed Linseed Oil (as per manufacturer’s recommended amount). Up to 250ml introduced gradually.
  • Ad lib quality hay

Option to add either whole oats or micronized barley at appropriate levels for the work being done.  Feed no more than 100g per 100 kg of body weight in starch per meal.  This helps avoid starch overload in the digestive system. Avoid starch for horses with ulcers and provide energy from fats/oils, legumes and increased quality fibre. Fibregenix Platinum Pro balancer enables you to cut down on hard feed which makes for a healthier, happier digestive system.  No other supplements required.

Note:  a minimum of 2% of total dry matter intake of your horses’ body weight should be fed daily, ie 10 kg for a 500 kg horse.

Example of feed regime for 500 kg racehorse in training

  • 500 g Fibregenix Platinum Pro
  • 2kg naked oats (assuming 50% starch) OR 4 kg racehorse mix (assuming 25% starch)
  • 250ml linseed oil introduced slowly
  • 1kg chaff
  • 250-500 g beet pulp (dry weight pre-soaking)
  • 7-9 kg early cut hay

Any fibre feeds – hay, chaff, beet pulp etc.  Plus your choice of grains, legumes, oil, or top dress current hard feed if feeding less than recommended daily serve.

Add Platinum Pro to your horse’s feed for around $2.66/day*

1 bag will last the average 500kg horse 30 days

Platinum Pro

Ask for Fibregenix at your stock feeder

$84.95 inc. GST

Add Platinum Pro to your horse’s feed for $2.66/day* to promote:

  • Muscle tone & condition
  • Fitness & recovery rates
  • Coat & skin health
  • Health & well-being
  • Digestive health

Fed @ 100gm/100kg of body weight…

Benefits of Nucleotides 

*Based on avg 500 kg horse*

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