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Why a feed balancer?

So what is a feed balancer? Why feed one?

  • An extremely versatile, palatable and functional supplement type product.
  • Low-intake, concentrated source of every essential nutrient required daily
  • Suits all classes of horses where additional calories aren’t needed
  • Fed in small amounts -100g per 100kg bodyweight – nothing more, nothing less….

Isn’t it just a fancy term for a vitamin/mineral supplement?

No – it goes beyond that by additionally providing digestible protein, fibre, omega fatty acids and includes extra supplement packages such as digestive aids and elevated levels of nutrients specific to hoof health.  When you feed 50-100 g of a vitamin and mineral supplement, it’s just not possible to equal the level of functionality a balancer provides.

Bottom line – A Fibregenix feed balancer will balance a diet, bridges nutritional gaps and provides a boost of exceptionally bioavailable nutrients to any feed regime. It eliminates the need for additional supplements. Too many horses are over-supplemented these days resulting in unbalanced diets and worst case scenario, toxicity.

And the difference?

We’ve formulated a TAILORED range of balancers to suit different categories of horses and ponies compared to other ‘one balancer suits all’ products.

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How your Horse Benefits

How your horse benefits

  • Your horse’s feed regime is simplified by improving how he digests his fibre/forage, you can keep his diet more natural, which means your horse will stay healthier, happier and have a longer & more productive lifestyle.
  • Low feeding rate (100g per 100kg of bodyweight) – so it doesn’t over-burden the digestive system leaving more room for forage
  • No whole cereals, no molasses – which means the NSC of the balancers falls below 12% – perfect for grain intolerant or metabolic issues.
  • Promotes optimum digestive health which means it reduces the risk of digestive upsets such as ulcers, colic, compromised immune system and metabolic problems
  • Helps improve condition and topline, hooves, coat and skin, respiratory, stamina, recovery from illness/injury, immunity, temperament.
  • Still your horse – but better in every way….

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How you benefit

How you benefit

  • Consolidates all your supplements into one product
  • Saves you time making up feeds
  • Cost-effective and saves you money long term
  • Gives you peace of mind your horse’s dietary needs are being met
  • Avoids over-supplementing
  • Keeps your horse healthier – the healthier your horse is, the less likely he’ll need to see the vet

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Our Solutions

What dietary issues do you wish to solve

Needs more condition Prime Original Platinum ProOverweight Lami Low
Poor Topline Prime Original Platinum ProLaminitis Lami Low
Ulcers (EGUS) Platinum ProInsulin resistance Lami Low
Colic Prone Platinum ProEquine metabolic syndrome Lami Low
Scouring Platinum ProCushing's Lami LowPlatinum Pro
Tying up Platinum ProHoof problems Platinum ProPrime OriginalLami Low
Allergy avoidance (eg no grain/high protein) Prime OriginalPlatinum ProLami LowAnxious, excitable, easily stressed, hot & fizzy Lami LowPlatinum ProLami LowLiquid KarmaKarma Paste – the Ultimate in equine calming
Itchy skin and/or poor coat condition Prime Original Platinum Pro Lami LowMobility issues (eg Arthritis) Liquid Joint & Bone RLF
Developmental Orthopaedic Disease Liquid Joint & Bone RLF Prime OriginalStamina, fitness & recovery Platinum Pro
Stress when weaning Liquid Karma Prime OriginalTendon/ligament injuries Liquid Joint & Bone RLF
Bone development, fractures, navicular, bone chips/spurs Liquid Joint & Bone RLFPoor immune function Balancers

Check out our comparison chart

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