Feeding performance horses

Feeding performance horses can be likened to finely tuning a race car. They can all too easily breakdown due to internal mechanical issues. Particularly when it comes to digestion as the horse’s digestive system is highly sensitive. Any compromises to that delicate environment will have significant effects on performance, appearance and temperament. Feeding, therefore, is a key contributing factor in digestive health in feeding performance horses. Even the environment, well-being and good husbandry can play a role. As performance horses often lose their appetite as they get fitter, this can also be disruptive to digestive health.


A nutrient-dense, high-quality feed balancer provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed on a daily basis when feeding performance horses.  It enables smaller amounts of hard feed to be fed which is better for the digestive system. The Fibregenix feed balancer range contains an innovative nutrient supplement as part of the digestive health supplement package. Purified Nucleotides – which have a positive effect on digestive health.  Considered an essential nutrient, these molecules form the building blocks of DNA and RNA. They’re present in the horse’s natural diet, albeit at low levels and can’t be stored by the horse. During periods of strenuous activity or stress, nucleotides often become ‘limited’. Therefore, there are enormous benefits to adding them to the horse’s diet. The specific blend of purified nucleotides in Fibregenix is designed to balance the lower levels found in the diet.

Three main advantages of Nucleotides:

  1. Nucleotides increase the length and surface area of the intestinal villi. This aids nutrient absorption and ensures optimum digestive health and nutrient yield from the diet.
  2. Competition horses can often be affected by loose droppings as a result of poor digestive health or stress issues. Including nucleotides in the diet promotes a healthy gut environment by encouraging the beneficial bacteria to thrive.
  3. There’s a high cell turnover within the digestive system. Nucleotides promote cell replication of red blood cells.Feeding performance horses additional nucleotides will have a positive impact on performance, stamina and ongoing fitness levels enabling better recovery.

Feeding Performance Horses with Fibregenix Platinum Pro

Platinum Pro contains performance-suited levels of nutrients, specifically formulated for performance horses which have a higher nutritional requirement for work.  Protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals  and a comprehensive hoof supplement are just one part of this multi-faceted balancer supplement. The additional benefits are fatty acids for coat condition and skin health and a powerful combination of antioxidants. Stress can comprise digestion and the immune system so Platinum Pro contains a natural form of bioavailable Vitamin E. It’s an essential nutrient for the performance horse that is often under stress from the rigours of competing, training and travel.  Platinum Pro additionally includes blood-building nutrients such as vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. These assist oxygen transportation to the working muscles.

Digestive Aids Specific to Feeding Performance Horses

Platinum Pro has a major focus on digestion when feeding performance horses.  Its Digestive Enhancer Pack consists of nucleotides and an approved live probiotic yeast supplement that doubles the digestibility of fibre in the diet. Doubling fibre digestibility can help to increase calorie intake which in turn maintains weight and condition.

Gut health

The Gut Health supplement pack in Fibregenix consists of FOS and MOS prebiotics. The unique FOS in Fibregenix is a short chain of sugar molecules, providing a feed-source for the beneficial micro-organisms. The FOS prebiotic also reduces the risk of digestive problems and has a positive impact on immunity, vital when feeding performance horses. Despite the presence of ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system, harmful (pathogenic) bacteria can proliferate causing an unhealthy gut environment. Furthermore, the stress of competing/travelling will negatively affect the general health of the horse.

The MOS prebiotic can eliminate harmful bacteria.  It mimics the cursor that the harmful bacteria bind to on the gut wall. Once these harmful bacteria have bound to the MOS they are rendered useless and ‘flushed out’ of the digestive system.  This promotes the overall health of the digestive system.

Nutrition for performance horses can be optimised by adding Platinum Pro to the diet.  It will ultimately better equip them to deal with the demands and stresses of a performance lifestyle. In turn, this means they will be able to perform and stay at their peak for longer.

Reviewed and amended April 2021

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