The Fit Event Horse

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Feeding the eventing horse with the correct nutrition is paramount so he can perform to the best of his ability.  3-day eventing is the ultimate all-round test of a horse’s athletic capabilities. Therefore your event horse needs to possess athleticism, concentration, agility and stamina.

Top Tips for Feeding the Eventing Horse

  • Don’t overfeed – Feed your event horse specifically for his level of work or competition and continually re-assess to ensure he is getting everything he needs to be successful.
  • Feed a minimum of 1.5-2% of total bodyweight in fibre eg ad lib forage over a 24hr period.
  • Ensure your event horse receives a good quality source of protein.  This aids muscle development and repair when training and competing at an event, just don’t overfeed protein.
  • Don’t forget to provide electrolytes to replace the ions lost through the sweat.
  • Turn out for some time during the day at home and days off after events is vital.  It’s essential for the mental wellbeing of your event horse and has been shown to help reduce/prevent gastric ulcer issues.

Recommended Fibregenix Products For Feeding the Eventing Horse


  • Fibregenix Prime Original is the perfect feed balancer for event horses up to Pre-novice level. It contains the optimum level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for an event horse to cope with competition demands. And it will help to build strength and stamina.
  • Fibregenix Prime Original contains a high level of an equine approved live probiotic yeast. It increases fibre digestion, aids nutrient yield, and encourages the beneficial bacteria in the gut to thrive. Feeding Fibregenix Prime Original alongside ad lib forage means you should be able to reduce the amount of additional hard feed fed. This benefits the event horse’s digestive system and potentially reduces feed bills.

 The Advanced Event Horse

  • Fibregenix Platinum Pro is ideal to feed when work becomes more demanding. It incorporates a blood building formula of nutrients including B12, iron and folic acid. We’ve also added a MOS and FOS prebiotic and an elevated specification of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The inclusion of a purified nucleotide supplement provides additional performance benefits to your equine athlete. All these key ingredients help support your eventer when travelling and competing at a higher level.
  • TIP: Continue to feed Fibregenix Platinum Pro if your event horse needs a period of stable rest. This will help maintain muscle tone and condition, reducing the length of time taken to bring him back into full work.

Joint Protection 

  • An event horse needs suppleness as well as joint and bone protection. Your event horse will be faced with the high impact of jumping over fences during show-jumping. And he will be racing at speed during the cross-country phase.  Fibregenix’s Liquid Joint & Bone formulation will aid your event horse by protecting and conditioning the joints ensuring optimum flexibility. It incorporates a rosehip extract Rosa Canina, Hyaluronic acid (HLA), Organic MSM and Glucosamine HCL. There’s also the added benefit of calcium chelate and vitamin D3 providing bone density and strength.

For The Spooky Event Horse

  • Many event horses, being hot-blooded TBs, can become quite spooky and excitable in the competition environment. This is far from ideal when it’s time for your horse to perform. For better concentration and a calmer temperament, give your event horse Fibregenix Liquid Karma.  This amazing product contains a superior, water-soluble form of magnesium that can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream. This means your eventer will be calmer much quicker, helping him to focus on the job at hand.



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