Keeping a show horse looking at its best is labour intensive at the best of times and nutrition naturally plays a huge part both from both an inner perspective as well as the condition you can see from the outside.

Fibregenix Prime Original conditioning balancer contains all the elements needed to provide your show horse with a balanced diet and the means to promoting and maintaining fabulous condition, with a sparkling coat that will ensure he is a stand-out in the showring.   Fibregenix also provides quality protein to promote that much needed topline, fibre  and extras such as a hoof supplement, a superior digestive enhancer package and a high oil content, enabling you to keep your show horse’s diet simple and effective without the expense of multiple supplements.

A high shine coat is always reflective of how healthy your horse’s digestive system is, and Fibregenix Prime contains a digestive enhancer package of an equine-approved live probiotic yeast and nucleotides.  Together, these highly effective digestive supplements will promote a healthy gut and double fibre digestibility, enabling your show horse to maximise the nutrients he gets from his fibre.

Healthy gut function is essential to not just nutrient absorption but also equates to good performance and temperament.  All too often show horses are crammed full of starch-based hard feeds to provide calories for condition but this is at the expense of the digestive system and leads to digestive disturbances that will manifest themselves in hot, fizzy behaviour and poor performance in the show ring.

Feeding a Fibregenix feed balancer enables you to reduce or even cut out completely high starch feedstuffs, and any show horse fed on a primarily fibre and balancer diet will be a far happier and healthier horse in or out of the show ring.

Fibregenix feed balancers make your life easy in the feed shed, reducing time spent making up feeds and with no need for numerous individual supplements.   They will  contain everything your show horse or pony needs to look in amazing show condition – healthy from the inside out, and with a mirror-shine glossy coat, great topline and presence which will turn heads as soon as you enter the ring.