Can Platinum Pro help a competition horse with ulcers?

If you suspect your horse has ulcers, contact your vet.  He will need treating in the first instance with an Omeprazole based product. Platinum Pro’s important role in the ongoing management of EGUS helps you alter your horse’s feed regime accordingly to reduce further risk.   Platinum Pro is a concentrated balancer supplement fed in small amounts (100g/100kg bodyweight). Being a concentrate supplement it’ll leave more space in the digestive tract for fibre, vital for EGUs prone horses.

The digestive supplements in Platinum Pro include beneficial levels of purified nucleotides. Their role in intestinal development is to increase length and number of villi helping to improve nutrient absorption. Furthermore, they’re an essential nutrient for rapid cell replication.  Cells/areas requiring rapid cell multiplication include gastrointestinal cells.  This makes nucleotides vital for mucosal lining development and can therefore help with the healing process of ulcers in conjunction with treatment.

Can I cut out hard feed completely?

Every horse should be assessed on an individual basis, so in some instances – yes.  Eg if your horse is a good doer and would get overweight if he was fed the recommended daily intake of hard feed.  This is when he should be able to get his energy/nutritional requirements from his fibre alongside Platinum Pro to help balance and maximise his nutrient intake.

Fibre digestion produces volatile fatty acids that can be utilized as an energy source and you can also give him beet pulp or additional oil for a cool energy source if required.

Whilst we want horses to have a more fibre-based diet, we appreciate the harder working competition horse that’s a good doer, will need additional calories for energy and that will mean some sort of grain-based feed.  However, adding Platinum Pro to your horse’s feed will enable you to cut back on the amount he’s being fed.  For grain sensitive horses we would recommend legumes such as lupins. Add in the essential nutrients that Fibregenix will provide and you have the ultimate diet.