While you’re introducing Fibregenix over the 7-10 days introductory period, we suggest making any changes gradually so you can monitor any weight changes. In a healthy horse at maintenance or light work, there should be no change in weight because of the high levels of probiotic in Fibregenix which enable a horse to get more out of his fibre feeds. However, you may need to increase the level of his fibre intake, again assess on an individual basis.  If your horse is in hard work then you can’t just take everything out of the diet and start feeding just fibre and the balancer, the digestible energy required for work needs to be replaced gradually with other suitable fibre based products and smaller amounts of hard feed and/or oil.  The key is to maintain the correct level of digestible energy in the diet.  You can contact us for dietary advice in this respect. Supplements should also be phased out gradually in the first week of introducing Fibregenix.  Remember, make all changes to your horse’s diet a gradual thing – no sudden surprises!