Per day for a 500kg horse:

500g Fibregenix Platinum Pro

2kg oats (assuming 50% starch) OR 4kg racehorse mix (assuming 25% starch)

500ml oil

7-9kg early cut hay

Unmolassed sugar beet pulp is also a good source of fibre, and will help for condition.  When a horse is on an easy day/box rest, the amount of oat/mix can be reduced, increase hay and continue with 500g per day of Pro and oil to maintain weight.

If feeding a straight, cereal oats would be best as they contain the most digestible starch.  Obviously they need to be prepared as appropriate.  50% starch means that this 2kg per day of oats is assuming that the starch content of the oats is 50%.

Oil – vegetable is fine, although linseed oil is preferable as it contains the correct ratio of Omega 3: Omega 6.  However, any oil will be calorie dense, and will help to promote weight gain and good condition, as well as being an excellent source of long lasting energy to help aid fitness and stamina.  It’s not that there isn’t enough oil in Pro, as the oil in Pro is quite adequate to help keep the skin and coat healthy, but the additional oil is instead of feeding additional hard feed that we appreciate harder working horses may require.  Oil is just a better way of doing this as it suits the horse’s digestive system.