Lami Low-Cal has 8.8% NSC (starch and WSC/ESC sugars). How much is that in grams?

The percentage is always of the finished product.  So 8.8% starch and sugar combined (NSC) equates to 8.8g per 100g Lami Low-Cal. Therefore,  when feeding 500g you would calculate 8.8g x 5 = 44g starch and sugar per 500g Lami Low-Cal. This is an incredibly low amount of starch, when you think that it’s being fed to a 500kg horse. A standard horse feed can be as much as 35% plus of starch, and for a 500kg horse you’d probably have to feed 3kg as per the manufacture’s recommendation.  This would work out at over 1kg of starch! Not ideal for your horse’s starch sensitive digestive system….