Read the labels of that ‘cool’ feed – still formulated with cereals and often molasses added in for palatability.  No feed can be considered ‘cool’ when it contains extruded or micronized barley and/or maize – whilst cooking the cereal helps to improve pre-caecal digestion and avoid digestive disturbances, the energy levels provided by cereals could be in excess to requirements leading to either unwanted weight gain or adverse behaviour.  Fibregenix balancers are premium quality, whole cereal free and molasses free, providing essential nutrients to complement the fibre based diet.  It’s all about helping horses to be fed a more natural diet as nature intended; keeping starch out of the diet or to an absolute minimum and feeding more fibre means a healthier digestive system.  Remember, smaller meals & more fibre = happy digestive system = happy, settled horse = good performance.