If you have a horse in hard work/competition and you are currently feeding the daily recommended amount of a processed hard feed, once Fibregenix Platinum Pro is introduced you will be able to reduce hard feed by at least half as the approved probiotic in Pro will make so much more of the fibre in the diet. You can then substitute that portion of hard feed with oil.

Pro has a Digestible Energy of 12.3MJ/kg, comparable with other hard feeds but without the whole cereal and molasses component in it, and also fed at just 100g per 100kg of bodyweight, therefore it’s possible to reduce the amount of hard feed being fed which will cut down on the amount of starch and sugar in the horse’s diet – always better for the horse’s digestive system.

Alternatively, you can also try feeding a ‘straight’ grain such as oats or micronized barley alongside your fibre and Platinum  Pro to provide fast release energy – often a better option as you can actually see what you are giving your horse and you are feeding one type of cereal only rather than a combination of two or three as seen so often in complete processed feeds.

Platinum Pro will not make horses ‘hot’ as it contains no whole cereal and no molasses.  If you wish to feed an additional cool energy source then feed oil, preferably linseed up to 250ml per day.