Where will my horse get his energy from?

In some instances – yes.  For example if your horse is in light to moderate work then yes, generally he can get his energy/nutritional requirements from his fibre along with a Fibregenix balancer supplement to ensure his diet is balanced. The digestion of fibre produces volatile fatty acids which can be utilized as an energy source and you can also feed additional oil or super fibres such as beet pulp or even legumes such as lupins for additional cool energy/calories if required.

However, all horses and ponies are individuals and some may have greater nutritional requirements than others due to for example a compromised digestive system or having ulcers.  Some may be in intense work  which will require a fast release source of energy from cereals, so your horse should be assessed on an individual basis. Ultimately a wholly fibre diet is preferable and more often than not achievable.  Add in the essential nutrients that Fibregenix will provide and you have the ultimate diet for lower energy requirements.