• When you can’t feed the recommended daily serve because your horse will put too much weight on.
  • When you don’t want to feed any hard feed as you prefer your horse to have a more fibre based natural diet.
  • When your horse has adverse reactions to any cereal/starch in his diet and again needs a more fibre based diet.
  • When your horse struggles with condition no matter how much you feed and he has a compromised digestive system eg ulcers.
  • When your feed room is cluttered with gazillions of tubs, pots and packs of different supplements. (Cut the clutter and use a Fibregenix Feed balancer instead!)
  • When you are tired of trying to work out whether you are getting it right or wrong and you want feeding and supplementing your horse to be fuss free with peace of mind.
  • When you are fed up with spending a fortune on multiple supplements and would prefer to have all your horse’s supplements catered for in one product.
  • When you are looking for a great product that is formulated to give the results you want for your horse.