There are other ‘cheaper’ balancers out on the market, what’s so special about Fibregenix?

The form defines the function.  So we include nutrients in forms that are going to be readily available to the horse for maximum benefit. If an ingredient can’t be utilised by the horse, it may as well never have been fed….so make sure whatever balance you use, it ticks all the following boxes…

  • 100% whole cereal free and 100% molasses free
  • contains a hoof improvement supplement
  • contains a correct balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 from quality sources to support a healthy coat and skin
  • contains beneficial levels of antioxidants such as a naturally derived form of vitamin E, a protected form of Vitamin C and bioavailable selenium as selenium yeast
  • contains organic chelate minerals as glycinates
  • contains beneficial levels of live yeast probiotic, MOS & a FOS Prebiotic. The live yeast probiotic is licensed for use in horses
  • contains a Purified Nucleotide supplement?
  • There’s a range for different categories of horses eg, laminitic types, performance horses, veterans or everyday horses and ponies
  • Has tailored levels of the functional ingredients for different categories of horses
  • Is super low in starch and sugar ie below 12%
  • contains protein from a highly digestible source rather than a cheap source such as cottonseed meal?

If your current balancer doesn’t tick every box, then your horse is missing out. Not all balancers are created equal.