What are the benefits of feeding a Fibregenix Feed balancer to him/her – will I see a big difference?

Youngsters are quite hard to always ‘notice a difference’ in. They can go through their daft growth spurts, and change from looking quite nice to looking like a bum-high lanky giraffe!!  Prime Original balancer is perfect for your youngster!  For a start, it’ll help to promote more even growth rates. You will need to make sure that you increase the amount you’re feeding as your youngster grows, so weigh taping fortnightly is a good idea. Simply feed alongside a quality protein, high fibre diet such as lucerne, chaff plus ad lib hay or plenty of grazing time.  You can also add unmolassed beet pulp for additional condition/weight if needed.

Try and avoid grain-based mixes/growers pellets, but if you prefer to feed them, just check the amounts you’re feeding and watch out for unwanted excessive weight gain which can impact on joint health.  Ideally, a fibre diet is best for yearlings and don’t forget the value of Fibregenix Liquid Joint & bone RLF to promote strong, dense bone and healthy joints.