Horses didn’t evolve to digest large meals and these can bring about problems such as ulcers, colic, stereotypical behaviour, poor digestive health etc -so why not feed a Fibregenix Balancer supplement alongside a reduced hard feed but high fibre diet to help keep your horse happier from the inside out, and suit his digestive system much better?  Happier horse = better performance.

With good-doers this becomes difficult as you can’t feed the right amount because they put too much weight on.  This is where Lami Low-Cal brings its benefits.  You’ll be able to feed the recommended amount of Lami Low-Cal to ensure a balanced diet and healthy horse without encouraging weight gain.  Even an obese hairy pony can be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Minimum RDA’s are forever changing, and rely on so many factors including age, workload, breeding status etc. As before = smaller meals & more fibre = happy digestive system = happy, settled horse = good performance.