Surely my horse gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs from his current feed and if he is on a vitamin and mineral supplement too?

There are many specific hard feed/complete feed products on the market e.g. veteran mix/performance mix/leisure mix – these will be specially formulated with that type of horse in mind when it comes to essential nutrients i.e. a leisure mix probably won’t contain the same mg per kg of a mineral that a performance mix does. However, if you don’t feed the recommended daily amount as stated on the bag your horse won’t be getting his recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals and his diet can end up unbalanced when you start second guessing and adding in other sources of vits/mins.  A balancer helps to bridge nutritional gaps by providing nutrients that are going to be easily absorbed and utillised by the horse, rather than providing surpluses which will simply be pee’d or poo’d out or even create potentially toxic levels and unbalanced ratios. Furthermore, a simple vit/min supplement, won’t help when there are condition issues or other digestive problems.

Our balancer supplements contain beneficial levels of specific nutrients geared towards things such as hoof health, coat and skin and digestive health as well as covering the general A to Z bases of vitamins and minerals.  So they’re providing far more than your average vitamin/mineral supplement….